1. Client Consultation

The core of every design is knowing the needs and desires of our clients. We identify these criteria by spending time talking to our clients in order to deep-dive into their thought process.

2. Schematic Design

After the discussion session with our clients, we will proceed to draft a rough sketch which revolves mainly around space planning and furniture layouts. The ideas are then presented to the client for review and revision. Cost estimates are prepared for final review and approval from the client.

3. 3D Conceptualisation and Work Schedule

Upon receiving the green light from the client, a more thorough 3D design is developed. The entire design is conceptualised – floor plans and elevations are detailed, colours and finishes are refined. A work schedule will also be prepared for customers to keep track of the current renovation progress.

4. Design Execution

This is where we administrate the design and start renovating as agreed upon. Our designers will be on-site during this stage to monitor the progress and ensure that any issues are rectified instantly, items received are in optimum condition, and that every renovation detail is executed accordingly.

5. Project Delivery and Handover

Once the renovation process is completed, our interior designers will handover the keys to the customers.

6. After-Sales Service

Our interior designers will follow up with their clients to ensure that every fixture is functioning smoothly and that clients are fully satisfied with the outcome.

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